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3 Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

3 Benefits of Having a Workout Partner:

By: Stefano Sarge



Have trouble making it to the gym consistently? Little willpower when it comes to making the “RIGHT” food choices or deciding to go for that run instead of sitting on the couch? A gym partner will hold you accountable to show up and do the right thing. If you guys decide on a workout day and time, don’t leave them hanging when you have an agreement! Do be that guy/girl.


Motivation & Positivity.

He/she can motivate you to add finish those last few reps or add that extra weight. They can spot you when you’re feeling frisky and pushing the limits! Having someone in your corner to talk to on those hard days can make a world of difference when lifting. Sometimes you lift when you’re happy, sad, excited, or angry. Either/or it always helps to have someone to share it with and offer perspective that you might not see. Always look for a workout partner that adds positivity to your lift and your life. Anything else…


  1. Form.

One of the most important aspects workout partners can give you guidance on is form. Form checking helps the most when you can’t see yourself working out! Lifting is great and all, but lifting with poor form is down right dangerous and your take steps backwards, not forwards. If both of you don’t know the right way to do something or it feels uncomfortable/painful, watch some educational videos on the exercise or ask a fitness professional! *cough* *cough* I know a guy.

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