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The Benefits of Going to the Gym

The gym, health club or fitness center, whatever the label, it is pertinent to your overall health, fitness and quality of life.  With the prevalence of stress, sedentary lifestyles and underperforming nutritional habits, the gym is increasingly integral to help turn your lifestyle around. 

By placing yourself in an environment that positively reinforces exercise and moving, it is easier to stay physically active.  Health clubs provide the necessary accountability to achieve for better health even when we lose the motivation. Stress is something everyone experiences, it is part of life and has to be recognised and kept in check to improve quality of life.

Stress. There are two different stresses – External and Internal.

External stress is the stress we cannot control, it is people, work and environment.  In essence, these stressors are placed upon us.

Internal stress is more personal, it is the stress that is self-inflicted.  Internal stress is how we respond to the external stresses.  In order to keep it simple, you can be proactive and reactive.  When we are proactive regarding internal stress, we can manage external stress better compared to reactive where stress can be quite elevated.

Exercise is a great way to manage your internal and external stress

What better way to constructively vent some work related stress than strength training and some high intense cardio!  The best place to facilitate these specific types of exercise – the gym! The benefits of going to the gym are many and various.

Sedentary Behavior

We are an increasingly seated society.  We wake up from bed, sit down to eat breakfast, sit in a car to commute to work, sit at work, sit at lunch, sit in the car on the way home, sit at dinner and sit to watch television.  Did I forget anything?

Being sedentary for such periods of time, slows down your metabolism, stiffens joints and stiffens and tightens skeletal muscles. Our bodies are engineered for movement and our bodies love to move!  By exercising at the gym, you break your cycle of sedentary habits.  You are placing yourself in an environment that is promoting movement, activity, sweat and the opposite of seating.  Your body will be joyous for the new habit!


Underperforming nutritional habits

How does the gym promote better nutritional habits?  Great question.  If you are dedicated to your exercise routine and are regularly attending the health club in the process, it is significantly easier to undermine and defeat poor eating habits.  If you are investing your time, energy and money into improving your health, then you will certainly start to invest in what you are putting into your body. No supplements, just delicious foods that are home cooked.  Your mind and body will thank you!

I hope this article provides some positive feedback regarding the necessity of utilizing a gym to improve the health of your mind, body and spirit.  Staying physically active and exercising is a key part to the overall health of the body and mind.

The benefits of going to the gym are significant. The accountability of a health club makes all the difference in establishing positive lifestyle habit.


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